Thursday, January 05, 2006

Home Management Binder and Home Business

My home management binder is slowly coming together. I'd rather it be slow because I want it to come together right, and not be filled with stuff I don't need or use. I'm using Candy's binder as a basis, but I'm changing quite a bit right now. For example, rather than a master schedule, I've printed out a calendar month by month. In it, I'm writing which major chores I've done for that day. For example, yesterday I wrote that I went grocery shopping, and that I cleaned the entire fish tank filter and fed the tank and anti-nitrate to help get rid of algae. I'm going to make out another calendar that's going to be for menus. This way I can keep track of what I made when. I'd also like to include what I bought for groceries each week. I also plan to keep a record of new purchases made during the year (ie: yesterday I bought a new clock radio for the bedroom), a household budget and a household inventory.

I'm doing all this for a reason. I want to see what a whole year of my housekeeping looks like on paper before I start making out schedules and semi-permanant lists.

I also plan to have a section on homeschooling, starting with print-outs of my state's homeschooling information.

I also have a small poster that I'm saving to put in there on how to display the American Flag properly.

My front porch is just about the way I want it for my home business. I have a few things that need to be moved, but I can't move them. Dr. told me not to lift since I'm experiencing strong pain as my womb grows, usually after a lot of bending or lifting. So, I wait patiently for an opportunity to ask my brother or my husband for their assistance. I hate to inconvenience people.

But, the porch is so cute! I even having a fitting room for my customers, complete with cherry cheval mirror. I want to have a large, tufted ottoman in there, too, but I want one that's high enough to sit on like a dining room chair. Some of my previous customers have a hard time rising and lowering from chairs.

I'm moving the storage bench from the master bedroom to the porch for customers to sit on, and to make room in the bedroom for the baby's changing table. For Christmas, my older brother and his wife gave me a beautiful sewing box full of sewing goodies. The box looks like an old fashioned singer sewing machine from the turn of the 20th century! That's gracing my small desk.

The porch, being a porch is surrounded by windows on two sides. (the third side has a closet and the forth side is against the house) I covered those with muslin curtains for privacy. They also let in the light and make the space really cozy.

It is winter here, so I have a space heater in there.

The porch is going to double as a green house of sorts come spring, so there'll be plenty of little green buds growing.

Now, what about customers? None yet, but the Lord will provide in due time.



prayzgod said...

Your Home Management Binder sounds awesome! :-)

Courtney said...


Where are in Upstate NY? I am too and if we're not too far apart, you may have a customer in me!

Kate said...

Hi Courtney,

E-mail me at and I'll let you know where I live. :)


carol said...

I so wish I lived close to you (I'm in Indiana), I'd be your customer too!

I've been reading about all this binders lately and have finally started my own too
I post as mrsjonathanallen at the LAF board.