Thursday, January 12, 2006

Learning that it's ok

I still feel guilty when I need to take a pregnancy day. That is a day when my body just crashes and I need to sleep and relax. So, I am teaching and training myself not to feel guilty. It is better for me and my baby to give in to these days (they usually come once or twice a week) and just relax. Sometimes I need to soak in a hot shower. Sometimes I need to sleep an extra 5 hours.

It's very important that I give in because if I don't and push myself, I end up in worse shape. When I give in, I usually sleep better at night, and am able to be much more active the next few days.

Stay-at-home wives in days gone by were encouraged to rest and relax during their pregnancies. I remember watching movies and shows from the 40's and 50's. When a woman announced her pregnancy, she was immediately asked to sit down and was catered to. Now, I don't expect to be catered to like the Queen of Sheba, but please let me sit down!

Today's woman, today's super-woman is expected to maintain a long, hard work week while pregnant. This just isn't good! Some women can handle it. Some women can't. So I refuse any more guilt.

I'm not being lazy. I'm not taking advantage of my situation. I'm doing what my body NEEDS.

Being pregnant is a full time job. Everything else is overtime. It's no wonder we pregnant ladies get so *yawn* sleepy.

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