Friday, January 20, 2006

Dinner out

I love eating out! Today, hubby treated his parents and me to dinner at our favorite restaurant. I was concerned all day because of this heartburn. I usually order the veal parm, but heartburn dictates it's a big NO-NO. I managed well, though. :) I ordered the baked haddock. It was delicious! I got scalloped potatoes with it, a salad, a roll, and corn off the cob. I didn't finish my plate and my father-in-law teased me that I couldn't order dessert unless I finished the plate. I told him it was a pregnant woman's perogative. :b He was full, but I teased him back saying that he couldn't let me eat dessert alone. We both ended up ordering a slice a cheesecake. It was to die for!! And the best part? No heartburn! All that food and no heartburn. I even had ginger ale (carbonated drinks can aggrivate heartburn), but I asked the waitress to water it down for me.


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