Friday, July 11, 2008

Elimination Communication

Saved Sinner asked if I've considered Elimination Communication and as a matter of fact I have. For those who don't know what that is, it is reading your infant's signals and having them use the toilet rather than wearing diapers.

I've read a few articles and visited a few websites, but it is something I don't personally feel is workable for me, nor is it supported by hubby. No Greater Joy is supposed to have an article on it in their next issue. I'll see after I read it, but I honestly don't feel comfortable with the whole thing.

Interestingly enough, in the 1940's baby book I have, they do have a section on "bowel training" for infants...where an infant uses a chamber pot. I find the whole concept of EC interesting, but not for my least not at this time.

Perhaps if I had an EC mentor to come over and show me how it is done, I could work on it.


Sheryl Lyon said...

EC is an absolutely wonderful way to bond and communicate with your baby, plus you are treating them with the most dignity and respect possible.

I HIGHLY recommend at least trying it part time. There are yahoo groups and mentors at elimination communication websites, in addition to books and videos available on the web.

I always say that nobody ever regrets trying EC, but plenty of parents regret finding out about it too late. :)

Anonymous said...

I would offer to help but being on a different continent makes it a bit difficult. I'm glad that you've at least heard of it and considered it (even if you have rejected it as unworkable for you) as I know a lot of people who wish they had known about it. I had the advantage of finding out before we were expecting our first child so had plenty of time for both myself and my husband to look into it and of course being my first, I didn't have to learn it while looking after another child too. I'm glad you've done a post about it even though you aren't doing it as it helps to spread awareness therefore giving more people the option of doing it.

Susan. :o)

Rachel said...

I saw you commented on Saved Sinner's Blog that you use cloth pads. I was wondering if you could share what brand you prefer. I'm currently looking and so many options are out there! You can email me at rachelnla at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much!

Mrs. V. said...

My children are many years past this now, but I remember reading something about this years ago...I think it was written by the Pearls. I thought it was a fascinating concept...but like you, not workable for us.

However, if others choose to try it out and their husbands have no problem with it, it could be a good thing.

I wonder how prevalent it is now?