Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yesterday's Project

Today, I'm pretty much taking the day off to work on better nursing with my daughter. She's fallen into a pattern of lazy latch-on and sucking. It sufficed a few days ago, but she's hit a growth spurt and is now not getting enough to eat. The milk's there, but she's just not getting at it and I returned my pump on Monday.

Yesterday, my big project was to remove the doors from the sink cabinet and replace it with curtains. Also, I painted the inside of the cabinet, which was all rusty and dirty and gross. It's a metal cabinet from the 1950's. The left hand door was broken and I had it tied shut, so half the cabinet was unusable. I've posted pictures of the end result. Now, I have a space for my recycling, papers to burn and garbage. The white trash bin is my garbage. I try to make as little as possible and I change it out every day to avoid bugs, vermin and stench.

The whole project only cost me a couple of bucks for the tension rod. The fabric matches the existing curtains in my kitchen and was once the slip cover for my chair. The paint was actually a white Kilz primer leftover from another project. The pails and bins I already had floating around the house.


Anonymous said...

It looks really nice! (o:

His Tender Mercies said...

I love's adorable! I like your kitchen floor too ; )