Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ground Beef

It's getting so you can't afford the cheap stuff anymore, either! Ground beef is rarely below $2.50 a lb. and as much as $4.50 a lb. for the extra lean. I don't bother with extra lean. 75% is fine with me (read Nourishing Traditions). However, it is quite often that London Broil gets down to $1.59 or $1.79 a lb. So, my parents, my older brother and I have pulled out our antique cast iron grinders and we buy the on-sale meat and ground it ourselves. Today, I ground a roast and made 4 batches of meatballs...Swedish and Italian.

My father also gave me a pasta maker. He got two at a garage sale for $1.00. I haven't found the time to dabble in making my own pasta yet. I'm already making my own yogurt, bread, cottage cheese, cookies, spaghetti sauce and ground beef.

By the way, my grinder is from 1899! Love old stuff!


His Tender Mercies said...

We have an electirc grinder we use to grind venison. My husband & sons hunt on our property. We had plenty of meat... we didin't have to by any in the fall & all through the winter.Now that we are out of it..... it hasn't been cheap having to by meat at the store. But I have found for alot of recipes ground turkey works well. It has been ranging from $1.70 to $1.80 something a pound.

Sue said...

We have a store here in my town that about once a month has ground beef and pork chops and roast on sale for $1.99 a pound. I just stocked up. 15#'s of ground beef and I think 20#'s of pork chops and to pork roasts.