Monday, July 28, 2008


Julie at had this, so I copied it and Tag, you're it.

1. Who is your man? The Dashing Gentleman Above

2. How long have you been together? 8 years total, 6 years married.

3. How long dated? A year and a day...then we got engaged.

4. How old is your man? 34

5. Who eats more? Not sure.

6. Who said "I love you" first? He did.

7. Who is taller? Him

8. Who sings better? Me

9. Who is smarter? He's got more common sense and "street smarts." I've got more book smarts.

10. Whose temper is worse? His, but I'm a close second at times.

11. Who does the laundry? Me.

12. Who takes out the garbage? Me.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me.

14. Who pays the bills? He makes the money, I write the checks.

15. Who is better with the computer? Me.

16. Who mows the lawn? Him.

17. Who cooks dinner? Me.

18. Who drives when you are together? Mostly me, because we take my truck.

19. Who pays when you go out? Him.

20. Who is most stubborn? He'd say me and I'd say him. :)

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Me.

22. Whose parents do you see the most? Mine. They're closer and my dad's retired.

23. Who kissed who first? I kissed him on the cheek first and he was so surprised that he gave me quite the kiss on the mouth afterwards. *blush*

24. Who asked who out? I dropped the major hint, but he did the asking.

25. Who proposed? He did.

26. Who is more sensitive? Me.

27. Who has more friends? Him.
28. Who has more siblings? Me, unless you count steps and halves then we have the same.
29. Who wears the pants in the family? He does, but he calls me "the boss."

30. How did you meet? At a re-enactment recruitment.

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Julie said...

That was great. Thanks for sharing!