Friday, July 25, 2008

Little Women Musings

This line from the movie, "Little Women" popped into my head today:

Laurie: "What do they do all day." (possibly paraphrased and in reference to the Little Women next door.)

I always have a smile at this scene because his tutor gives him some silly line which basically means he hasn't the faintest idea.

Then, I began thinking of all that Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy did:

They made their own clothing.
They kept the home spotless.
They worked and did charity efforts.
They tended the gardens.
They educated themselves.
They indulged in their own hobbies.
They played and imagined.
They took care of each other.

They did so much! I bet they rarely, if ever, flopped into a chair and moaned, "I'm bored."

They accomplished so much and were never idle. Spare moments were spent enjoying nature in a refreshing walk or scribbling away stories, or playing music, or painting, or enjoying children or reading.

No TV's. No sterios. No video games....just pure activity.

I like that.

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Shan said...


What a delightful post! It makes me thankful for my own Mother and Grandmother!

We didn't watch TV, we sewed clothes for our dolls, drew pictures and wrote stories. helped our Momma clean, baked real and imaginary food and read books. Glorious books.

Hmmm...we weren't named Jo or Beth or Meg or Amy, but we could have been their sisters!

I raised my children the same way and they are all happy, inspired and NEVER BORED young adults.

I like that too!

Yours so kindredly,

P.S. I so hope that you were able to recover from all the damage of the rain storms!