Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Love a Good Challenge

One month after giving birth, I spent 5 days in an 18th century tent re-enacting with my family. Other than the humidity, mosquitos and the monsoon that went through on Saturday, we had a good time. It took quite a bit of preparation for the trip, including my getting the trailer inspected, 3 runs to the grocery store, and new outfits for Bubby and one new one for me. But, I did it! :)

Monday, as we were packing up our tent and equipment, hubby said we'll have a picnic on the 4th of July. Ok! So, this whole week has a been a last minute scramble of cleaning up from the event, tidying my house and yard in preparation for guests, and shopping for the picnic. On top of it all, I cleaned out the fish tank and, with help from my mother, moved it to the basement and moved the bookcases to where the fishtank was. I also purchased a new, bigger bookcase for the nursery and put it together myself.

I feel good! I love when things work out and challenges are won! Now, I don't win every challenge. Some of them beat the tar out of me.

The problem with this is I'm being called "supermom" by other mothers who can't believe all that I do. I'm hardly "supermom." I just have these nesting spurts that I take advantage of. There are negatives to these nesting spurts, including a crash at the end and lack of special time with my children and husband during the spurt. However, the spurt soon ends and I'm back to my regular life, or even a "vacation" of sorts where I sit on my unvaccumed floor and catch-up on some playtime with my children.


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Wow is right!

Here I am complaining about a tent camping trip my husband has scheduled for late July, wondering how I'm going to make it to a porta potty in the middle of the night & 7 months pregnant!

I appreciate your cheerful attitude and advice : )