Friday, September 14, 2007


Ok, I've pretty much got the organizing and tidying down pat. Now, I'm ready for the simplifying. I really just want to have what I need to live the lifestyle I enjoy and attain to. That means tossing out gels and lotions I never use, hair goodies I never use, clothes I rarely or never wear, shoes I don't need, etc. I'm also thinking of going through my books and getting rid of any fiction that isn't classic. Libraries are great for getting fiction books out, should I want to read them. I don't need to keep a supply for myself (except for a couple favorites I just can't part with). Classics, I'll keep for homeschooling.

I want to purge my cleaning supplies and only keep the things I need and use. I want to dump my cabinets and toss anything old and no longer a part of our diet. I want to know exactly what I have and what I need.

Well, I'm talking the talk. Let's see how I walk the walk.

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