Saturday, September 22, 2007

Home and Garden Magazines and more

Home and Garden magazines are dangerous. I received my latest issue of Cottage Living in the mail yesterday and after thumbing through it, I rearranged part of the house! It was a chain reaction that was bound to happen anyway.

When I got the hutch for the kitchen, I moved the smaller hutch to the porch and the bookcase on the porch went down into hubby's man cave. Since Autumn is upon us, I moved some of my herbs indoors and put them on the sun porch. They needed a perch, so I moved the small hutch to the window and placed the herbs on it. So, I had an open spot in the porch.

I dislike electronics in the bedroom, so I pulled out a wood folding table and placed it in the porch and moved the computer out there. Now that it's cooler weather, a computer can safely live out there and it makes a nice little office for me and a play area for Bubby. Also, if I get pregnant and suffer my usual insomnia, I can wile away the wee hours online without bothering hubby.

So, I moved the computer hutch to the basement. I might sell it. Right now I have a desktop computer, but my house is so small, a lap top is much better suited for it. Anyhoo, in the bedroom I rearranged a little of the existing furniture to make it look more relaxing. Plus, I added the game table that was in the porch into the bedroom. Hubby and I used to have backgammon marathons in bed. I'd like to bring that back.

All this because I opened a magazine. :)

I received a 60 day free trial membership to BJ's. I'm resisting the urge to go today. I want to go, but nows not the time to. Next week I can go shopping.

Denise Austin has a Yoga workout DVD that I like. It's been quite a search for one that doesn't have any reference to the religion behind yoga or one that doesn't have you meditating. I've avoided yoga for years because of my convictions in these areas, but the exercises are so beneficial. The results are amazing. Thankfully, Denise Austin's DVD is just about the exercise and nothing more.


Courtney said...

Hi Kate,

I've been looking for a good yoga workout since I live so far from the gym now. Which Denise Austin DVD in particular do you like?

Kate said...

Fat Blasting Yoga
I also like her Pilates DVD and her walking workout DVD. Although, I didn't find the walking workout to be enough of a challenge.

Courtney said...

Thanks! I'll see if I can borrow it from Netflix and try it out.