Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Officially Cloth Diapering!

I have a couple of new initial know how stay at home mom is SAHM. Well, my new phrases are PTCD and FTCD (part time cloth diapering, and full time cloth diapering). I am offically a PTCD SAHM!

I'm cloth diapering while home, but for trips and overnight, I'm still using disposables. I still have to build up my cloth diaper bounty.

Now, do any of you other cloth diapering moms, when you first started cloth diapering, feel better about what your child had on their tushy and feel a sense of at-home pride or satisfaction (you know, the feeling you get when your homemade bread is baking or you hang homemade curtains on your windows)?


Mimi said...

While I must have been a PTCD, as he wore disposables overnight, I did feel that way about his cloth diapers.

prayzgod said...

YES! I love that my baby now has comfy cotton on her tush, instead of paper and chemicals.

I indeed have the homey pride and satisfaction in knowing I'm cloth diapering her. I cloth diaper full time, and love it.

For a night time diaper, I just double diaper my baby. Currently I put a Fuzzi Bunz on her, with an insert, a doubler, and a tri-folded Chinese prefold inside as the second diaper. This works well.

However, soon I'll just switch to double Chinese prefolds and a wrap or Gerber pull on pants, as the Fuzzi Bunz are starting to be too tight for double diapering.

I generally carry an extra cloth diaper in my purse, and a few disposbale pull ups. This way, if I use the cloth diaper, but need to do another change, I can put her into the 2T pull ups, and that works out fine. Meanwhile, I have the pull ups in case my 3yr old has a pee pee accident while we're out. :-)

I use cloth wipes as well. I just use old baby wash cloths. I keep them dry, and just spray them wet with a sprayer before I clean baby's tusie. I've foundt his to work better than disposable wipes.

Courtney said...

I've been cloth diapering my son's entire life and I never intended to do anything else. There is definitely a feeling of satisfaction that I'm doing a little more to make sure he has a comfy bummy.

I'm glad to hear you like Graceful Babies. I saw an ad on Craigslist for the company. I'll have to try it out.

I wanted to mention that wool covers are great for covering fitteds or prefolds. Much more comfortable than vinyl! They are expensive, but if you knit or know a knitter, they wouldn't be too much.

I use Fuzzi Bunz during the day and I'm switching over to Little Beetles for nighttime. Like Candy said, my FBs are getting a little tight to double-up at night.