Thursday, September 06, 2007

Home Sweet School

Yesterday, I started a more official informal school year for Bubby. The purpose, as I've mentioned before is to help both of us develope a habit for learning and schooling before actually having to make a record of it. My state can be rather strict on homeschoolers, so I feel I need ducks in a row before actually diving into the pond.

It was fun! With Bubby being a year and a half and being a child with a rather short attention span ("Sure Mom, I'll sit still and play with my tractors while you cook din...oh look, a squirrel!") the lessons weren't very long. However, I have discovered that with sticking to a little lesson plan I drew up, I could continually teach him throughout the day without the need for a sit still session. Although, I'm still doing sit-still lessons so he can learn to sit still and listen.

Yesterday, we worked on age 1 week 25 in Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready. We also worked on counting.

Added lessons include picking up toys and messes, coming when called (this one we're REALLY working on because he decided that it's hilarious to run away when mommy calls and especially if I come to get him. I set him down in the store the other day and he took off like a rocket, not heeding a word I said. Now, that's just too dangerous and frightening.) and helping out with chores.

I also took him to a local park that was fairly dead because public school started. It was a lot of fun for him to climb and slide. Thankfully, I'm petite so I was able to join him and make sure he was safe. There were a lot of places on the playground set that he could have fallen off of. I fit into every cranny, so I was always with him.

This homeschooling is fun and I feel I'm accomplishing something great with my son.


Anonymous said...

I love the new look that you gave your blog! How did you do it?

Julie said...

Thats great. My little guy has decided its funny to run from mommmy and laugh as well. Fortunatly he does it at home enough that I can correct it here.
Jonathan loves the playground. Im so fortunate that he has older sisters and a brother who like to wander after him. He is a real climber.