Thursday, September 27, 2007

More on Cloth Diapering, Plastic Reduction, Organization and a Big Project

I really like the AIO diaper I got from At only $9.00, I consider that a steal (and it comes with a doubler!). I have 3 fitted diapers that need vinyl covers over them, and 2 of my own homemade diapers that also need vinyl covers. I also have a goodly supply of chinese prefolds of varying qualities. It was hot yesterday, so Bubby drank a lot of water. Consequently, after 3 hours, his fitted diaper was soaked. He could feel it and was doing this cute little dance....pull on the vinyl and then dip into squats. Of course, I changed him. I do prefer the AIOs at this point.

I also part time washable wipe Bubby. For poos, I use disposable wipes. For urine only, I use soft cotton washcloths. I've saved money there. Rather than using nearly an entire $8.00 bulk box of wipes a month, I use only 2 packages of that box of 6. As winter comes upon us, I'll probably use less because I'll be traveling less and thus not using so many disposable wipes and diapers.

I've decided to rename my efforts "Plastic Reduction." That's far more realistic than "Plastic Elimination." I dare say that even the Amish have plastics about. Not only can't we avoid plastics anymore, but in some cases plastic is better and in other cases it's too cost prohibitive to get rid of our plastic models for metal, glass or wood versions. For example, as I thought about plastic reduction in the bathroom, I realized that glass shampoo bottles would be downright dangerous. I think they make metal dispensers that would work well, but would they rust and be a pain to keep clean? Also, I'd LOVE to replace my plastic fans with the reproduction "vintage" metal ones, but that's rather cost prohibitive right now. Also, most of my storage is plastic. What I'd love to do is have cedar chests and a small shed, but it isn't going to happen.

Frankly, if all you or I can manage is to keep our foodstuffs out of plastic, we'll have improved our health and eliminated the main consumption of plastic particles from our lives.

As as side note, did you know that 62% of the carbon in an American hair sample is corn-based? They attribute this to the amount of corn in our processed foods and the abundance of high fructose corn syrup Americans consume.

Back to plastic storage. I just purchased a big ol' rubbermaid box to store Bubby's outdoor toys in. Now they won't be scattered in various places, particularly, hubby's bay of the garage.

Now that re-enacting is pretty much over, I've got the big project of getting things washed, organized and put away. Boy, is it a big project! I have to redo the trailer and redo two closets. The trailer goes into storage for the wintertime, so I have to make sure I have everything out that I want out. It's going to take a day or two for the closets alone. But if I do it right, next year will run much more smoothly for getting ready for the season. That's my goal.

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