Monday, September 24, 2007

Localtarian, and more

There's a small, but growing movement in my local area called becoming a localtarian. It means doing your best to buy your food and products from local growers and suppliers. If you want a bookcase, instead of picking one up from Walmart or JC Penneys, go to a local furniture maker. If you want pears, go to a local orchard. Of course, this means following the seasons as well. I've taken to the idea myself since I save a bunch of money going to a particular local farm for produce. The orchard's prices are comparable or a little more expensive than the grocery store, but the flavor and quality is so much better. It is so nice to eat a fresh peach and not a hard, tasteless one from the grocery store.

I can get local grains, herbs, honey, maple syrup, eggs, milk, cheeses, and even peanut butter! Buying this way is not only healthier, but I don't have to worry about impulse buying of processed foods. Also, Bubby likes it better because he gets to go to farms instead of boring old grocery stores. Oh, I still hit the grocery stores, but as I become more adept at being a localtarian, I'll be a bit more scarce at grocery stores.

There's a lady in the area who's running a localtarian based website. However, she's vegan and she completely omits any local farms that sell meats. She also ignores any raw milk or any higher fat products that are staples in a Nourishing Traditions lifestyle. Looks like I'll have to do some research of my own.

Yesterday was such a pleasant Sunday. I went to church and Bubby behaved very well. The sermon was wonderful. For the first time in a long time, I was able to come home right after church rather than visiting family (work schedule change in the host family). I put Bubby to bed, had lunch, changed my clothes and wandered outside to putter. I like to putter on Sundays. I know some people are convicted to do no work on Sundays, but I can't just sit around. Instead, I don't allow myself to do any chore that causes me stress. Hence the puttering. I puttered in the pond. I fixed the waterfalls. I puttered in my garden by pulling up another tomato plant and watering the autumn crop of turnips, peas and spinach.

We're expecting lovely, mild, sunny weather until Thursday. I look forward to it.


Mimi said...

I strive to be a localtarian as well. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Do you live in the San Diego area? I thought maybe you do and if you do, I'd love to know where you get locally to get all that wonderful stuff. I live in North County. I usually shop at Jimbo's and Trader Joes but would love to go to the farms. THanks, LOri

Melanie Lytle said...

I'm so pleased to hear of another localtarian out there! I thought I was the only one using that term - locavore and localvore come up more often. My husband and I have been seriously eating locally for only a couple months, and I'm in the midst of putting together a directory for local/sustainable/organic food sources in the San Diego area. Enjoy! It has been such a wonderful experience for us!