Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Not Wasting Food, Questions Answered

I like having a compost heap. I hate throwing away food, even if it's gone bad, because I know what a waste it is. However, having a compost heap, I don't feel so wasteful. At least my discarded food is being put to good use turning into organic matter for my garden and not rotting away in a plastic bag in our landfills.

I made a batch of yogurt the other day but my culture died so the yogurt was terrible. (There's not enough enzyme and good bacterias in pasteurized milk to carry the culture for many batches of yogurt.) I tried eating it anyway, but ended up with an upset stomach. 4 altoids later, I decided to throw it away. It'll make a great addition to my compost heap! I have a new batch "cooking" in the crockpot right now. I'll use a new batch of storebought yogurt to culture it.

Barbara asked how I changed the look of my blog. I clicked on the template tab and looked for the fonts and colors tab. Click on that and you can change away. I believe it depends on whether or not you have the new google blogger and which template you originally chose. I'm no computer whiz. Despite Candy's answers on her blog, I still can't figure out how to give myself some pretty wallpaper on my blog.

Julie asked my source for the statistics on salvation in the fatherhood post below. The statistics were given to me by a missionary to the Netherlands and the missionary did not reveal her source. Still, it makes sense to me. After all, when I see a lone child coming to church, they're usually with relatives or friends and parents rarely join them. When I see a mother coming to church, she may have her children, but no spouse and her children may be rebellious and unresponsive to the message. But when I see a father come to church, he is almost always accompanied by his wife and children. I'll see if I can get a source.


Mimi said...

As a mother whose husband does not attend church, and who is often corralling wild and wooly, I do agree. Sadly.

And, we compost too!

prayzgod said...

I don't have the colors and fonts tab - I don't think, in my blogger. I really haven't paid attention, because I just go directly into the code and change stuff in there. :-?

I just took a look at your code... Go into your template code, and find the line(s) that says:

body {

Replace #804000 with a URL pointing to a pretty background.

For example, try putting the below URL in the place of #804000 for a test, to see if it works:


Julie said...

Mrs. Kate, dont worry too much about it. The stats look absolutly right to me, I was just wondering if there was someone I should credit with them.:)