Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Where is Summer?

Once again it is chilly and raining. Despite numerous claims of global warming, we have yet to pull our air conditioner out of storage. Our fans sit motionless most of the time. Where is Summer?

Then, I realized that very question can be applied to my life at the moment. This should be the Summer of my life! It should be fun, sunny and carefree filled with days of play with my littles. For quite some time now I've felt as cloudy as today's weather.

Just like this Summer I do have a few days of warmth and sunshine, but then a storm moves in again. Illness. Frustration. Lack of time. Disappointment. Unexpected things.

I look to God, but I can't see Him for the clouds. I know He's there. I know He can blow the clouds away. I know He can stop the rain. But, I think He's waiting for me to do it. After all, I can, too.

I have made a couple of appointments to improve my health...dentist and doctor visits. I'm also learning to prioritize and not agonize. I'm taking time to rest as well as time to work. But what I must do is take time to seek Him.

Before August is up, we'll surely have real Summer weather. I'm sure I'll be hauling the AC out of storage, even if it's just weeks before we have to turn on the furnance. As I look forward to Summer, I look forward to the Summer of my life as well.

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