Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

It's been raining so much this Spring and Summer! I'm trying not to let it bother me by occupying myself indoors. However, my gardens are all completely overthrown by weeds. I told my husband that if I find a monkey in the jungle of weeds, I'd capture it for a friend of ours! Before the storms rolled in, I was able to pull up two wheelbarrow loads of weeds from my vegetable garden. As soon as this rainy weather passes I'm going to have to put housekeeping aside just to catch up on the gardens and yard work.

We spent 5 blissful days at a re-enactment last week. We took along a young lady from church as a nursemaid for our littles and it offered me plenty of uninterrupted time to set up, keep tent and cook. I was even able to grab some shopping time with hubby and a quick nap. It was also blissful in that the cares of the modern world were no where to be found. The onslaught of media about Michael Jackson's death were miles away and drowned out in the chorus of 18th century sounds....fiddle music playing, the natives war whooping, joyful chatter, the crackle of camp fires, the shouts of children, the roars of laughter from the men, the glass-tinkling giggles of the ladies, wood being chopped, musket fire, bacon sizzling in a cast iron pan, and children playing gleefully without an electronic or fancy toys to be had. Bliss.

I'm trying to figure out where to homeschool my son this fall. We have such a tiny house and I don't want to just sprawl out on the dining room table. I have cute maps and posters to hang up. My only options right now are my porch and my basement. I think basement might rule out because my porch gets quite cold in the wintertime. In the basement I have access to the computer, a television set with DVD, and shelf and wall space for various homeschool supplies. The only challenge is keeping the basement dry and must-free. I think it's time to finally hook up the humidex. I can use the dryer vent since I don't use the dryer anyway.

In other news, I'm happy it's July. There's just something so nice about a fresh, new month. I feel open and excited about all the things I can accomplish this month. Plus, I love seeing my pantry and freezer fill up with this year's harvest. More Bliss.

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