Friday, July 24, 2009

I love harvest time...

I'm glad I braved the rain and not knowing where the farm exactly was (and forgetting my map) to go pick currants. Turned out they were only $3.00 a quart (and the quarts were over-flowing quarts). I picked 4 quarts. I'm not sure I'm going to make jelly out of them. It seems such a waste. I'm probably going to dry most of them. 18th century recipes often use currants, including this yummy bread pudding recipe that's more like a sausage. They're also great in stuffings and with boiled salad (a cooked spinach recipe) and taste great with poultry, pork and rabbit. Use them instead of raisins in fresh salads, with yogurt, in apple pie, etc etc etc.

This morning I canned the peaches I bought yesterday. A half a peck can make 8 pints of peaches. I used as light a syrup as possible. Not wanting to waste the skins, I made a delicious crumb-top pie out of them. I didn't use any sugar in the pie itself, but the crumb topping has about 1/2 a cup of sugar.

Early afternoon I planted my fall crop of snow peas. In a couple of days I plan on planting the second crop of garden peas. By August, I might plant a second crop of spinach. My second crop of beets are starting to poke little green-red heads out of the ground.

A fall garden catalog came in the mail recently and I'm picking out things to plant this fall for next year.

Also, Emma, thanks for letting me know about Charlotte Mason. As a matter of fact, my penpal is going to lend me her Charlotte Mason books.

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