Thursday, July 23, 2009

Art and more...

I think I've decided that my "intro to homeschooling" for my son and I is going to consist of art and lots of reading. I really felt comfortable with this idea this morning when I was faced with a pile of books my kiddos pulled out from the bookshelf. As my son and I were returning them to their proper places I was struck with the thought that I don't want to look back years from now and wish I read to my children more. I remembered that "The Well-Trained Mind" states that it's terribly important to read read read read and read some more to your children in the early years. I tried joining BookIt, but my son has to be 5.

As for the art, this morning my son approached me during a time I was in frustration with something (can't remember what). He asked if he could paint and I was going to refuse him, but something made me ask, "paint what?" He said, "I want to paint turtles." Well, it was just so darn cute, it softened my heart and God gave me a good idea. I pulled out some thin cardboard and cut out turtle shapes for him to paint. He had a grand time painting turtles!

Art is a great way to express and develop creativity. I teaches shapes, colors, motor skills, and even cause and effect. It teaches my son to be careful and thoughtful. I encourage him to do things finely, but I also give him a chance to go willy-nilly.

Yesterday, he was all about scarecrows so that's what we made with construction paper. I tell you, I'm having as much fun as him and I just love decorating Taigh Beag with his home-made creations.

Today, I picked up peaches at a local farm (rather expensive I thought, but they're the tastiest peaches on the planet!). I discovered a local farm that sells currants. I called them today and they are lamenting that no one wants to buy currants. I do! (I think part of the problem is the price...they're a little steep, too, though cheaper than local blueberries.) I'm hoping to get out there and get some for myself and some for a friend of mine for her birthday. I also got her retro apron kit for her birthday.

My garden gave me plenty of lettuce today along with wax beans, baby carrots, the last turnip and peas and the first zucchini.

I bought the closet for the shed for our re-enacting clothes. Hubby's not too thrilled with moving our re-enacting clothes into the shed, but understands the need for the space. If I really work on it, I think I can make it work out to his liking.

I also painted more of the play area wall in the basement with that inexpensive "oops paint" I found. Hubby likes it. :)


GrannyBoo said...

what will you do with the currants? I picked some last week and dried them in my dehydrator but I'm not actually sure what I will do with them. (maybe scones?)

Emma said...

Kate, you might want to explore Charlotte Mason. I think that you'd like a lot of her ideas on education: lots of nature, reading and art!

Melissa said...


Your blog is a feast for the eyes and for the soul.

Truly stunning!