Thursday, July 02, 2009

Back In Business/Homeschooling

Looks like I'm back in the sewing business. I'll be making a King's 8th Regimental Coat (like the one shown above...I made this one several years ago) and waistcoat for a fellow re-enactor. I'm going to take this slowly. Perhaps one order at a time will be best. I don't want to get bogged down and totally stressed out. My life is busy enough caring for family and home. I am excited to make another regimental coat. I haven't made one in quite some time.

I gotta say, I love Target. In their one dollar section they've been having such great workbooks, posters and things suitable for homeschooling young 'uns. I was even able to pick up a lesson plan book and a grading book. They'll be great for "unofficial" homeschooling which I plan to start this September.

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Bethgem said...

Wow Kate! That coat is impressive.