Monday, July 06, 2009

A Better Monday

It's amazing what a change of attitude and a little more focus will do for someone. This Monday has gone more smoothly.
I finished reading Acts (finally). I did 1/2 hour Denise Austen Fat Blasting Yoga this morning. I was able to get showered and dressed in a feminine skirt and top. My kids ate their oatmeal this morning. I got my chores done in a timely manner. The kids and I walked to the farm and played on their swingset and in the sandbox. I finally found blackeyed susans I could pick for my table! Thanks to my dear mother, I was able to pick up hubby's truck from the repair shop and now I have a moment of time before tidying up and starting dinner (german brats, pasta salad, baked beans) to type a quick post here.
This evening I'll probably run out to the farm to get milk and if I have any energy or time left, I'll freeze peas, turnips and can pickled beets from my garden.
I love an accomplished day as much as a day to relax.

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