Saturday, July 04, 2009

Our Own Tasha Tudors

If you look around your neighborhood, family, friends or aquaintences you may just find your own Tasha Tudor among them. They may not be as involved as Tasha was in her artistic endeavors and passions. Perhaps they're just someone who lives a peaceful life and keeps their home and property breath-takingly beautiful.

I know a small handful of ladies who are Tasha-esque. One of them lives just about a mile down the road. Yesterday, she stopped by to let me know that she's putting her beautiful home and property up for sale again. Last year she had it all for sale (home, barns, 10 acres) but it was way WAY too expensive. She told me the sad news that she subdivided her beautiful estate and is now offering chunks of land as well as her home, barns and 3 acres for $289,000. That's about $200.000 more than hubby and I can afford, but I'm just devastated that she's sub-dividing. It is a property worth keeping together, in my opinion. She's cared for it very well over the years. I'm sad to see it being chopped up and sold.

While Tasha Tudor's hard work and legacy live on, this sweet german lady's hard work and legacy will be bull dozed and wasteful mcmansions erected in its place. I pray another Tasha Tudor can afford to buy it all and keep it well.


Miss Sandy said...

Thank you for your recent visit and sweet comment. I am so sad to hear about your neighbor and her property. Perhaps there is a Tasha out there looking for just such a haven. Have a wonderful week.

As Simply As We Can said...

How sad. I hope someone can purchase it all as well. I've never thought of thinking of others as "Tasha-esque" ~ what a sweet way to describe someone. Tasha Tudor was such a precious lady. The world needs more like her.