Thursday, July 30, 2009


For my birthday, my fantastic husband got me a gift certificate for "the works" at a local day spa. My appointment was yesterday. The children were quite happily babysat by Grandma and I spent 2 1/2 hours being pampered and becoming totally convinced that such luxeries are a necessary thing at times.

First came the 1 hour massage. Bliss!! The LMT couldn't believe how tight my back, shoulders and jaw line were. "Do you do a lot of heavy lifting," she asked me. I have two toddlers....the answer is yes. She also could tell which shoulder I hang the diaper bag off of and guessed that my stress response is to grit my teeth/clench my jaw. It was so nice to just relax and listen to the water fountain and a nature music playing. The room was very private, dim and cozy, not at all institutional or ridiculously sexy (like how tanning booths and teenage girly hair salons are). I'm sold. The LMT has a private practice and I'm definately booking appointments for hubby and I.

After than came a manicure and a pedicure. It was really neat having my feet paid so much attention because they're usually greatly ignored until I notice the toe nails are getting a bit long. Plus, I really liked soaking them in that foot-jacuzzi thingy.

I will have to say that it took a little will-power at times because I'm horribly ticklish and get all squirmy. I did well and only flinched a couple of times.

My finger nails are all shaped and polished a pretty pink, but I have to say, my toesies are really cute! I wore open-toed shoes while grocery shopping today just so I could peek at my pink toes poking out. I feel so girly! Usually my feet are encrusted in garden dust and mud and my toe nails all scratched up.

So, happy is this little wife! I would honestly have to say that a once or twice a year spa treatment like that would not be wasteful at all. It was quite healing. I think back to the days and cultures gone by where women were given plenty of time and means to pamper themselves. Of course, in many cases it went WAY too far and vanity, sloth and wastefulness became the norm. Whatever happened to dressing up for dinner? Whatever happened to vanity tables and getting your hair "set" and long soaks in clawfoot tubs? I think it's time to bring a little of that back.


Paul and Annie said...

Sounds heavenly! I'm going to have to hint to my hubby that a spa day would make a perfect gift! :)

Debbykay said... sounds so dreamy...what a sweetie pie you have! Enjoy your girlie day at the spa, and bask in the after glow a bit!


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday and enjoy!