Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bargains, Diagnosis and Produce

I love a good bargain!

I found a quart of sky blue paint in the "oops paint" section at Lowes today! It's original price was nearly $14.00, but I got it for $3.00. FIY, Home Depot tends to have cheaper "oops paints" than Lowes, but I happened to be in Lowes and found the perfect paint.

I also stopped in Goodwill today. I needed a summery white blouse. Not only did I find that at 25% off in 100% cotton, but I found a lovely bias-cut 30's style toile dress at 25% off and magazine holders at $1.99. I have an ever-growing magazine collection that could use more holders.

Well, my Dr. has concluded that I'm hypoglycemic. It's not bad hypoglycemia in that my blood sugar doesn't plummet to extreme levels, but my blood sugar does take quite a nose dive. I'm on a more specialized diet and encouraged to do more aerobics. Plus, I'm to prick my finger and take a blood sugar reading whenever I have that low blood sugar feeling.

I was right, too. My immune system was shot. The antibiotics helped. Back in January, my white blood cell count was 10.4. Two weeks ago it was 3.8! Now, I feel much better.

A quick glance in the classifieds and I found out that a local farm has u-pick currants! I think tomorrow might be a good day to run out to local farms and get some currants, berries, peaches and maybe even cherries. I see lots of canning in my future. :b


Anonymous said...

I wonder if I may have something too...because whenever I don't eat when I feel hungry and am forced to wait, I get incredibly down feeling, moody, snappy, lethargic, etc, and then soon after eating, I feel tons better and am more awake.

Plus, I get full quickly with one thing but am soon hungry for more soon after. Also, my cravings tend to be for carbs and sweets and occurs more frequently around dinner time and after dinner. Hmmm...I don't know. (???)

Kate said...

Hypoglycemics who eat too many carbs during a meal tend to crave sweets afterward.

I blame the massive amounts of fructose, refined white flours and cheap processed foods we ate as kids.

Anonymous said...

I definitely do not eat too many carbs during a fact, it seems that if I eat carbs during a meal, I'm more full and thus won't want to eat the sweets. I don't really blame anything for these conditions because people all across the board have various problems and whatnot. Plus, I didn't start to really notice this until for me personally, it could be that my body disagrees with the 9-5 schedule and how it restricts what and when I can eat. Also, I can't afford or keep foods that I know I need, such as proteins and items that go bad quickly.

Thus, I think for me it's more know, the whole hording food thing because there was so many of us, that we might not get any. And as for right now, I'm only feeding me and sometimes I buy too much and don't want it to go to waste. However, I really think I'm doing the best that I can with what I have...I eat complex carbs, fruits and veggies, yoghurts, and other whole foods.

I think I just need a real life with a real home.