Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cottage Blog Roll (and more)

Do you live in a cottage or know of a cottage-related blog? If so, please share with me so I can add to my cottage blog roll.

I learned today that brussel sprout leaves are edible. Most of the cooking suggestions I came across suggest that the leaves be prepared like collards. I'm going to try using them as a replacement for cabbage.

Today, I plan on working on my compost heap. It needs to be weeded, some branches cleared to give the box more sunshine and it could stand a rotation. If I have time, I might harvest grape leaves to pickle and use for dolma. There's a lot of wild grape vines growing around here, though we've pulled out most of them because they didn't produce grapes.

My Mission: Kitchen was a success! I better tidied the master bedroom this morning and changed out the vintage dress on the dress form to something more summery....a mint-green junior's school dress.

Well, the sunshine is finally peeking out from behind the clouds and I don't want to miss it since my computer's in the dark basement. Besides, I have laundry to hang out!

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