Friday, January 13, 2012

See, God Knows!

My God shall supply all your needs!

With this new baby on the way, hubby and I discussed what we will need. After all, 3 active children can do a hurtin' on baby gear. Our infant car seats both needed to be discarded. Our double stroller was torn, stained, and otherwise looking grim. The pack and play mat is damaged and flattened and unable to be used in the bassinet portion (where our babies spend their first several months sleeping, if not with mommy.)

This being our last child, I really did not want to spend a lot of money on new baby gear. I also didn't want to bother searching endlessly for used items (and having to travel hill and dale to retrieve them only to see they aren't what I'm looking for and feeling obligated to buy it anyway). I didn't want to borrow, either, since all of my children have been pretty destructive to things. One good puke in the carseat, and I'm not going to feel right returning it, no matter how much I clean it.

So, off I went on my regular shopping trip to Target to pick up my usual supplies. I almost didn't turn the corner to look at the pack and plays and strollers, but I did. Lo and behold, they had the perfect pack and play and the perfect stroller (with car seat!!) on clearance! One box left of each!

The pack and play is the same as the one shown above, except with a different pattern on the fabric. It's a really soothing, soft gray and yellow dot. What I really like is that the bassinet can adjust to raise the head in case your baby has reflux or a snotty nose!!

The stroller is a sit and stand stroller. It comes with the carseat that hooks in the front while a toddler can sit or stand in the back. With my peanut children, I could probably even fit 3 in here (check weight requirements)!

Retail: $280.00
I paid: $170.00!!!

Now, I just need a booster for my daughter. Not too worried. I'll keep my eye out at Big Lots, but Target has one that'll suit her just fine, AND has an added head support feature that I like for only $50.00!

We should be all set for the baby now! 5 more days and I'll find out the gender!

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