Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boden Spring Catalog *Sigh* List

Oh, I folded over many more pages in the catalog that I'm showing here, but these are my stand outs, for sure! For some reason, some of them only came out as thumbnails, so for those, I linked them to the catalog page online.

Hubby likes this dress, too! They have so many dresses I love this year, and so many are just perfect for that post partum nursing time with their empire waists (to better deal with the leftover preggy poochy tummy) and their surplice tops (the easier to access for nursing.)

I always like to try to get away from plain ol' scoops and v's when it comes to the basic T for the warmer months. I like the ruffles on this one. Still basic, casual, but with that something extra.

LOVE this dress! Love the style!

Vintage cute blouse with the scalloped edging down the front!

Love the large, jeweled buttons on this cardigan. It is so vintage-y!

Not in taupe...not my color...but the style I like!

Plimsolls! I want plimsolls this year!

This "jumper" (sweater), is styled so nicely.

I love this fun, spring jacket!

Hubby likes this skirt, too.


Courtney said...

I love Boden too!

Heather said...

How gorgeous and trendy, yet modest and feminine! LOVE!