Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loving Cornmeal

Lately, I've really been enjoying adding cornmeal to my sneak-attack quickbreads*. I love the texture and the reduction in the use of gluten since I seem to be gluten sensitive this pregnancy. It also adds a sweetness to the bread.

*My sneak-attack quickbreads are made from leftover fruits and veggies I have laying around my house. For example, my latest one was made from banana slices not eaten at breakfast and pears that were past their prime. I made a carrot orange quickbread before that from leftover carrots and greenbeans and an orange that was getting too juicy on the inside. I've also made spinach bread, zucchini bread, apple, mixed vegetables.....any combination thereof. I use as little sweetening as possible. Bananas are usually add to the mix to add sweetness. Raisins help. I like to use maple syrup and/or molasses (depending on the bread), but if it needs it, I'll add a little Florida Crystals sugar. I follow no recipe. The result is a moist, cake-like quickbread that my children LOVE served with plenty of butter and sometimes a dab of maple syrup.

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Nurturing Faith and Family said...

wow! i can't seem to make a bread unless i follow the directions! and i've never put fruit/veg in bread...i've made banana bread that's all. i worry i would mess it up lol!