Friday, January 27, 2012

Herbal Teas for Picky Eaters?

I've mentioned before that my daughter is a VERY picky eater. She refuses fruits and vegetables 99% of the time to the point of rather going hungry than being subjected to eat them. It boggles my mind because when she was an older infant, she ate it all! I have a chart made for her hanging in the kitchen where she gets a sticker every time she eats something listed on it. It's a slow process. I also sneak fruits and veg in where I can, though she can usually tell. On top of it, I limit her intake of junk foods since she isn't getting the good foods.

I'm trying to get her to ingest more vitamin-rich plant-based foods. She also needs to drink more water. She prefers milk and will refuse water. She'll drink juice, but commercial juices aren't exactly healthful. (I'm looking into a juicer.)

My next idea is herbal teas. Of course, I'll make sure she only drinks teas that are suitable for children. She has recently become fond of tea parties, and would probably enjoy cold tea as an alternative to plain old water.

Do any of you out there give your children herbal teas? I'd like to hear from you. Tell me anything about it!

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Nurturing Faith and Family said...

wow! that sounds like it is hard to get good food into her! hmmm i dont know much about herbal teas, except i drink them on occasion. Our kids used to say no to water also..we just told them they can only have milk at morning, nap, and bedtime, and only juice at lunch, dinner. they got used to drinking water the rest of the day eventually...especially when I bought them a "special" a water bottle that they can carry around. maybe offer to let her pick one out at the store, but let her know it's for water only? or maybe try flavoring the water slightly? the only juice we let our kids drink is organic apple juice from whole foods, it's not like the commercial juice you can buy at a regular's more like a cider, with more of the good stuff in it. we water it down still though, and limit it because it's really pricey.

are there any fruits that she likes? vegetables? is it a texture issue? i wish i could give you some ideas, but i really don't know of anything other than to maybe just keep offering it to her. what does she like to eat? I've seen commercials for pediasure or something for kids to drink for this reason..but i've never looked at it before and i can only imagine whats in it. might be something worth checking out though