Sunday, January 22, 2012

Giving Up Multi-Vitamins

During my second pregnancy, I gave up on prenatal vitamins. Forget those giant horsepills that are impossible to swallow, especially during the first trimester! Instead, I found Nature's Plus Children's Chewables, a whole foods multi-vitamin. I compared labels, found that I should take two of the chewables and supplement with folic acid. This is what I've been doing, but now I am considering giving them up, too.

The Healthy Home Economist posted THIS ARTICLE that discusses secondarily that synthetic vitamins are not good for you and not assimilated properly. I became very concerned about the Vitamin A, as too much synthetic vitamin A can harm an unborn baby. I am taking fermented cod liver oil and x-factor butter oil this pregnancy, so vitamin A really isn't needed in pill form. Not to mention that carrots are a staple in this family.

So, as an alternative, I'm looking into making my own herbal smoothies based on THIS RECIPE.

I think, overall, I may find it cheaper that buying those sucrose-laden chewables. Now, the only problem is getting it in a form that my children will ingest. Maybe I'd better buy a juicer, too.

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