Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Apron Therapy

You can download patterns for these aprons HERE.

It felt good to get back into routine after the holidays. Thankful for the burst of 2nd trimester energy, I was able to get plenty done today.

As I worked, I thought about my 3 year old daughter:

She loves to help me in the kitchen.

I wish she helped more around the house. Even with asking/telling/leading/instructing she is very reluctant to do her tasks.

She is upset that Daddy spends so much time with big brother. Big brother is at that perfect little boy age where he just HAS to pal around with Daddy.

She is emotional and prone to break downs.

She craves one on one attention.

While thinking these things over, a thought popped into my head: APRON THERAPY!

When she's reluctant to help,
When she's upset that she can't go with big brother and Daddy,
When she's over emotional and breaking down,
When she obviously needs some one on one attention,
I will do my best to set aside time for apron therapy.
We'll don our aprons and set to work together on something. Just her and I. Perhaps baking some cupcakes, or preparing dinner together....I'll start with kitchen tasks since she loves to help in the kitchen. Then I'll slowly move on to other chores we can work together on, in our aprons, chatting away and taking plenty of breaks for hugs and snuggles.

After all, that's what Daddy and Big brother do, in their own manly way. :)

And yes, we do make sure she gets one on one Daddy time, too.

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Stephanie said...

I love this post...great idea!