Sunday, January 15, 2012

Building His Curriculum

After much discussion, research and thought, I am slowly deciding upon my oldest's 1st grade curriculum for this coming September. I've chosen so far:

Phonics Pathways OR A Beka Phonics: I'm leaning towards the former, but it is hard to ignore everybody and their mother telling me how perfectly wonderful A Beka Phonics is. I was given the K5 A Beka Phonics teacher's manual, charts and cards, so later this year I'm going to start it with my son. If it goes well, perhaps I'll continue. If not, I'm going back to square one with Phonics Pathways.

Saxon Math: I love the manipulatives this program offers. After reading the description in a couple of homeschooling catalogs, I think it'll be a good segue from the curriculum he's on now. Plus, it gets rave reviews in the classical education front.

Backyard Science: I thought I'd NEVER be able to settle on a science course for him. I know it isn't necessary for first grade, but his Answers in Genesis curriculum we're using now is very science-heavy and he loves it. As soon as I saw Backyard Science in a homeschool catalog, I KNEW this would be perfect for him. He loves relevant to him science.

Music: We plan on starting him on piano lessons....that is if I can get my foggy pregnant brain to remember to call the piano teacher to set up lessons!!!
Handwriting: Handwriting without tears appeals greatly to me. His handwriting is currently legible, but he doesn't write his letters correctly. Oh, they're shaped as the letter ought to be, but the flow isn't there. I guess the best way to describe it is that he draws his letters rather than write them.

I still need to settle on these subjects:

Reading:possible already connected to the phonics program
Language Arts: Spelling, Grammar
Art: I'd like to do one of the beginner/early drawing books
Copywork/Writing: He loves his copywork now. I plan on continuing, but I haven't settled on what.
Social Studies: A lot of programs for 1st graders are based on just community stuff, but he's doing that now in K5. I'd like to find something that broadens his horizons a little. Maybe I'll create my own based on our local community and branch out to the history of our area. I don't know yet.


Heather said...

I know you love Dreft and I saw thin on Facebook today. Not sure how long it will last. Thought I'd give you a heads up.

Kate said...

Thank you, Heather!

Heather said...

You're welcome!

Courtney said...

I bet Sonlight Core A would be perfect for him! It's an overview of world cultures/geography/history. Most of the books could be found at the library; I don't think you'd need the IG necessarily either, but they're easy to find used.