Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Budging the Organic Budget Part 2

I have to be honest with you. If you want to eat better and you have a limited grocery budget, not only do you have to simplify, but you have to work harder. Yep. Make your own. Hate the idea? Well, if you want to eat better, then get over it. Life takes work and getting where you want takes work. Convenience costs one way or another. Hard work pays one way or another.

It's daunting at first, I know. But once you get into the swing of things, it isn't so bad. It's ok to pick and choose, too. It may behoove you to make your own yogurt, but making your own bread is just too much. Just figure out what works for you and go with it, so long as you are actually saving money.

Another thing to consider when making your own is the total cost of the end result. Remember, when comparing how much it costs to make your homemade bread that you don't compare it to Wonder Bread, but rather the finer, natural loaves. Sure, it may cost you more than a loaf of cheap Aldi's white bread to make your own bread, but you're paying for health benefits here!! White sliced sandwich bread is pretty much a non-food.

Here is my grocery list for this week (not counting my raw milk and eggs that I get at the farm):

Total spent: $81.00

3 boxes mussels (they were on sale and my family LOVES them)
1 bag collard greens
nearly 5 lbs bananas
3 lbs pears
1 Avocado
1/2 gallon milk (for yogurt making)
1/2 gallon local milk (to try)
vermont sharp cheddar cheese
feta cheese
organic yogurt (I have to revamp the culture in my yogurt)

skippy natural peanut butter (yes, I know there are better options out there, but you have to consider what your family will actually consume)

natural ground chicken (oh, for an organic source of chicken....I bought ground because I'm in the mood for chicken patties. This is healthier than buying the premade patties in the frozen dept.)

2 loaves of Bimbo bread (ugh, but again, as I said about the peanut butter)
Natural, recycled toilet paper 12 pk
5 lbs grapefruit
Egg noodles (ummm....yeah...)
Organic spaghetti (angel hair, c'mon, goes great with the mussels)

cake donuts (ok, my bad. My really bad. But they were marked down and the kids have been begging me for donuts for a month now. I'm considering ways to make a sprouted or soaked grain donut with rapadura or maple syrup or something healthier....maybe adding applesauce)

Hard cider 6 pk (hubby's special treat, especially since I took away his Lipton Iced Tea in the 12 oz bottles in favor of my homemade iced tea).

If you're wondering how in the world I'm getting meals out of this, I have meat in the freezer and staples in the pantry. This is really good considering I've been spending over $200 a week on groceries before starting this series.

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