Friday, January 20, 2012

In Fashion or Out?

Apparently, Princess Kate Middleton has boosted the sales of sheer hosiery with her proper royal attire. Hosiery sales were lagging? From what I've read, pantyhose are technically out of fashion. That never occurred to me before, but it certainly explains why I'm finding it harder and harder to find pantyhose in my size and color.

Yes, I am out of fashion. I wear pantyhose. And *gasp* I even wear tights at times, too! I always thought it proper to wear pantyhose rather than going bare-legged. Oh, in the warmer months I will go bare-legged under my skirts and dresses around the house and to the store, but not to church (unless it's pathetically hot outside). A proper, well-dressed lady wears appropriate hosiery. Thank you, Princess Kate for eschewing fashion for appropriateness.

Slips are supposed to be out of fashion, too. That is, unless you wear them as a dress or skirt with some other funky duds. I heard one fashion guru yell, "What are you, a granny?" to a middle aged woman who wore one under her skirt. "What are you afraid of showing through your skirt, leg," he asked her in his shocked tone.
Of course, I was brought up with the belief that a proper lady wears a slip under her dresses and skirts to avoid the sun-through peep show. If my mom could see the silhouette of my legs through my skirt or dress, I was promptly ushered back to my room to put on a slip. Yes, I still wear slips.

I guess I'll just remain out of fashion!

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