Thursday, January 19, 2012

Farm Animal Dreams

I'd like chickens. This family can go through up to 7 eggs at one breakfast. You know that number is only going to go up as our family size grows and our children (especially the boys) grow. Hubby isn't all too fond of chickens, though.

So, we've discussed quail. Of course, quail eggs are ridiculously small, sooooo....

Hubby likes pheasants. I do too, for that matter.

I'd also like a goat in milk. If we ever get a farm, hubby wants a cow, perhaps two (for rotation) to keep us in milk. For our current little slice of God's creation, we can really only have a goat, preferably a miniature or dwarf one.

However, this year, we are considering pigs. My garden has diminished in quality over the years despite crop rotation and compost/manure additions. My father used to let his garden rest every 7 years. I am considering this year to be a year of rest for the garden. In its place, we're thinking of some spring pigs to till it up and fertilize it. The pigs will then be butchered in Autumn and distributed to my family.

One thing for sure is we're getting ducks again. After last year's sadness at losing the ducks to a coyote (or other such predator), we've worked out better fencing and housing to protect our quackers. My oldest is eager to take care of "his ducks" come Spring.


glojo said...

Consider guinea fowl. My husband's niece has them and says they're great. She has them for controlling insects as well as the eggs (2 guinea fowl eggs = 1 chicken egg).

Mrs. V. said...

I'm a big fan of raising chickens myself. We can easily go through 6-8 per breakfast. At the current time, I just have 3 chickens and 1 rooster (but have had up to 45 straight run in the past) and they do well to keep us in enough long as I'm careful to not have a big egg breakfast every day of the week. :) I like them, they make me happy and hubby is happy to indulge me ~ especially since they help food on the table!