Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trusting in more than chicken and other subjects

Now that I'm pregnant, hubby went to the big boss about a promotion. Big boss said no. No promotion, no raise. This puts us in a slight financial burden for when baby arrives. So, now I have to trust God for more than just chicken. He knows our situation. He knows how hubby feels. He knows what our bills look like.

So, I won't worry, but I'm a believer in meeting God half way. In 3 months time, it'll be time for me to review our budget and add the baby onto the budget. We don't have room, but the Lord always provides one way or the other. We need to look at where to cut back or cut out.

Who knows? Perhaps by that time hubby will be offered a promotion anyway?

In other news, I love my composter. I was given one by my neighbors and finally set it up earlier this week. Every day, I've been adding whatever I can to it. Coffee grounds, tea, egg shells, fruit and veggie matter.... It has also cut back on the amount of garbage I'm leaving at the curb. It'll also save money in that I won't have to buy compost later. I get my manure for free from the farm next door. They have plenty to spare.

Today is a busy day. Due to the packed nature of this weekend, I'm switching my Friday chores to today. Thursday will be prep for the weekend. Today: laundry, bathroom, floors, dusting, tidy up, bills, etc.

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LYNN said...

Yes, trust in God! He always provides. We are expecting, as well, so I know the concerns you are feeling. :)