Saturday, April 14, 2007

Conservation Part One Housewife, Vintage by Galloway

I've always been intrigued by the women of yesterday who had the keen skills to "waste not, want not," "make do or do without," and "make something out of nothing." I admire women who can turn an apple, potato, fat piece of meat and some flour into a 3 course meal. I look up to women who never flinch in lean times and keep the house running smoothly, the family fed, and the finances in safe order.

Today, we're so used to automatic and disposable everything that we don't realize the waste we're making and the money that's going out of the window. Cutting back can not only help the environment, but put some cash back in our pockets as well.

So, in remembrance of our fore-mothers, here's a list of ways to cut back:

-Buy in bulk

-Keep errands organized and to a minimum

-Vacation locally

-Unplug...even if your toaster oven is off, it's still drawing some electricity

-Switch to water, forget soft drinks

-Avoid processed and heavily packaged foods

-Don't bother buying styrofoam anything

-Buy tupperware to wash and reuse rather than disposable baggies

-Don't wash your hair everyday. It's not good for it anyway.

-Rinse dishes and clothes in cold water.

-Hang-dry clothes

-Cut dryer sheets in half if you need to use the dryer

-Wash and reuse rather than buying disposables

-Ask for your meats to be wrapped in butcher or freezer paper, rather than plastic and foam

-Turn the heat down

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