Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Clean Refrigerator and Running Out of Food

Did you ever wish an appliance would die so you'd have to buy a new one and not have to clean the old one? I have. For a year, I've been wishing and saving for a new refrigerator. Then, the other day I got down to business and cleaned it. Looks as if I don't need a new fridge after all. It's just fine now. :)

It's amazing the accumulation of wasted food that ends up in the fridge, particularly condiments. I was good though, in maintaining the spirit of conservation, I washed out and recycled all the bottles and jars.

Yes, I'm running out of food. I've been trying to do all my shopping at the start of the month. The problem is, I run out of money and food. I don't mind. I like a challenge. I'll keep you updated on the meals I'm making with what I have left. Thankfully, I've enough meat to get me through.

Tonight we're having a pork roast with the three potatoes I had left, baby carrots and an onion. I found a frozen bag of rhubarb in the freezer and I'm going to make a rhubarb pie or cobbler for dessert.


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