Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday at home

We at Taigh Beag never made it to church today due to the snow storm. It was a long day at home. I managed to get a petticoat made for Bubby (toddler boys in the 18th century wore petticoats) and I got more work done on his pudding cap. It'll be finished either tonight or tomorrow. Otherwise, I didn't get much else done. Bubby was up to mischief and the dog wasn't much better. He's taken to whining (Bubby, that is) over every little thing. We're working on correcting that.

What's cute is that today he said, "no," "here," and "ok" for the first time!

We watched the race. Yes, we watch NASCAR. Hubby's just glad Jeff Gordon didn't win. I was cheering on the rookie Juan Pablo Montoya.

I made an early dinner since hubby and I skipped lunch. I was in the mood for chicken and tried a new recipe, "Deviled Chicken." I think I might add it to my recipe book. It was quite tasty. I just wish it had a different name. Perhaps I can come up with one. We also had roasted parmesan potatoes and broccoli with homemade cheese sauce. Yum.

Now, we're just winding down for the evening. It's sleeting out now and I peeked out my bedroom window. Out in the fields are a large flock of turkeys and the herd of cattle. It's amazing how animals deal with this nasty weather. The cows are all huddled by the treeline, keeping warm and cozy. The turkey are fluffed and relaxed. I'm sure they're all waiting for this to pass just like me.

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Bethgem said...

We had broccoli with homemade cheese sauce yesterday too! :)