Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A "back of my mind" dream

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I've been day dreaming lately of different scenarios and things. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier in the life I have now. I'm just a thinker. My mind doesn't shut up.

Something I thought of recently was how neat it would be to open up a private one-room school house and classically educate children. My neighbors have an old brick one room school house on their property. Right now it's full of storage, but still has the old desks, blackboards, piano, etc. Our neighbors want to turn it into either a room for their pool table or store their ATV's in it. *gasp* If it were on my land, I'd turn it into my homeschool school and activity/craft room.

I know several women who wouldn't mind a cooperative one room school house. However, my state has some sticky issues when it comes to creating a school.

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Laura Leigh Dobson said...

Hi Kate! This is laura (violingirl26) from BW. There is a lady who lived right down the road from me growing up and she started a "one room school house." She called it "The Studio." and did lots of crafts and hands on learning. I always thought it was a great idea! She even had some local homeshcool highschool and middle school students come to volunteer, some she payed I think, but most were volunteers. Her school was K thru 4th I think. I hope you keep thinking about it. Blessings!