Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How God Blesses and a Happy Hubby

As you may have read in a recent previous post, I ran out of grocery money and thus started to get a low in the food supplies. So, I treated it as a challenge to make meals with what I have. (Yes, I did go grocery shopping today to take advantage of some great sales, but I used May's grocery money and can't use the groceries until May).

Well, I had one chicken breast in the freezer. I needed two to make my chicken strata. I just figured I could still make the strata, but just be slim in the chicken department. Well, God feeds His sparrows, doesn't he? Hubby announced that he was going to visit a co-worker of his who was having a party. I bid him a good time. He returned later with half a chicken! I had MORE than enough chicken for the strata! Hubby had cold chicken for lunch too. He likes that.

So, today we had chicken strata for dinner. Yesterday was chili. Tomorrow is beef barley stew and Thursday is stroganoff. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we're eating with friends. Monday will probably just be a simple soup.

Hubby commissioned me to get some pebbles to make a path from the driveway to the breezeway. Today I set to work to do just that. Two trips to Lowes and a little work, the path is set and hubby was thrilled when he got home! It looks so much better and will certainly cut down on the mud tracked into the house. It should also help with drainage in that area.

Here's one thing that boggles my mind.....
Sure, I'm pregnant, but it'll be a while before I even start to show. So, why am I already getting stains on the stomach of my shirts? Must be that increase in clumsiness that I experience while pregnant. :b

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Linda said...

*LOL*!!!! I've had that ever since I was pregnant (my daughter's almost two now!)

Maybe because my stomach never went completely back to the way it was before? My shirts still stain there.... everytime!!

Greetings from the netherlands!