Thursday, April 12, 2007

Changes, Yummy, and a Project

Sorry for all the recent changes to my blog. I just felt so cluttered with the other template. I prefer this cleaner look.

The other day, I was in such a mood for something my mom used to make, Tuna Rice Patties. So, I called her up, got her recipe and whipped up a batch. They were so good and satisfying. Even Bubby loved them! I'm including the recipe in my Recipe Book I plan to publish (possibly sometime this year.)

I have a big project to do and only a short time to do it in! Our first re-enactment is coming up and I have no place for my little boy to sleep! I thought of getting a Peapod Plus Travel Bed, but the cost is a bit more than I can afford right now and it hardly looks 18th century. Then, I remembered I had some tent canvas in the basement. I'm making Bubby his very own little wedge tent! It'll be self standing (no staking needed) and it'll be in our marquee tent. I'm also adding vents made of cheese cloth to keep the air quality good inside and keep the bugs out. It'll be so cute! I'll be sure to add a picture if it actually turns out well.

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