Thursday, April 19, 2007

Conservation Part 3 photo by Klaus Nigge

Imagine how little waste we'd make if our landfill was in our own backyard. Not so many decades ago, this was the case for many people. The only place to dump waste was in the back corner of your property. I'm only 26 and even my neighbors burned what little garbage they made in a pit in their backyard.

I admit, it's way too easy to just toss something in the trash and forget about it. Lately, I've been really careful about what I throw away. I don't like making so much waste. I'd like to see how little waste I can produce.

As a side note, I noticed that when I carefully tend to my rubbish and bag it correctly, the garbage men take better care of my trash can. If the bag is about to burst and not tied shut very well, they usually throw the can rather rudely into the yard or driveway and leave the lid by the road to be run over. So, be nice to your garbage men and bag your garbage well.


Anonymous said...

I like your post...I am a garbage collector and I must tell you that we try not to ruin people's cans...we toss them around because we're rushing to finish.

As for the bags, it doesn't really matter to us if they're bursting at the seams (tied is nice because we can throw them into the back of the truck without having the contents spill all over) because they are all going to the same place.

You ever been outside on garbage day or seen them trash men taking your bags? Curious, ever spoken with your garbagem en?

Kate said...

Hello anonymous! Of course, I'm only basing my post on assumption. I actually watch my garbage men nearly every time they collect because I have to hold my son up to the window to see them. He likes big trucks.

It always seems that when my bags are neat, they will turn my can upside down and place the lid on it. But, if my bags are ripped, overstuffed, or leaking, they toss my can.

My husband was a collector as well before we met.

I haven't talked to them other than saying good-morning if I happen to pass them on a walk. I don't make it a habit of interrupting one's work. As you said, they're usually in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that your husband was a collector. You ever been near the truck when its been crushing? You'd be surprised, but we get a lot of women on the route that stop to watch it -- especially when furniture is going to it is totally stuffed with bags.

Had a woman this morning who was totally mesmorized seeing her old couch, tv and bags go in up close.