Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This and That in Pictures

My sweet little girl was "cleaning" the house for me this morning using a doggy toy! She went all around wiping walls, frames, chairs, doors and cabinets with the plush toy, so proud of her housekeeping skills.

I love these gloves/mittens. They're fingerless gloves with mitten covers. With much use the began to fray and wear thin in spots. After all, they are my work gloves for shoveling snow and loading the outdoor boiler with wood. I tried replacing them but couldn't find any! So, a trip to one of my scrap fabric bins to find a bit of gray wool solved my problem. I now have sturdy patches and can continue with my favorite work gloves.

In this day and age I find that a lot of people look down upon mending. They'd rather just toss it out and buy new. I'm guilty of this, too in many circumstances. This is one of the reasons why whenever I start a mending business I'm lucky to get 2 or 3 customers a year and they're usually farmers or laborers who need heavy-duty Carhartts mended and I just don't have a strong enough machine for that. I have repaired horse blankets and hand-sewed leather patches on chainsaw pants before. But what of missing buttons, an unraveled hem, a zipper in a skirt that needs replacing?

Now, as for asked for recipes, the carob no-bakes I kind of just threw together using two recipes as a guide. The lemon buttermilk pie recipe I don't have on hand right now, but an internet search should pull one up. I'll try to post it another time.

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Rhonda said...

Hello Kate!
I read your comment on my blog and had to come check out your blog!
I love it!
I just started my blog. Please come back often and see what we're doing.
I am teaching my 4 yr. old daughter to read and we are using this book called "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons" By Siegfried Engelmann. We book on reading only 20 minutes a day. So far My Daughter is liking the lessons.

Miss Mia and her Mother are such wonderful people! Miss Mia's post today really opened my eyes. I am really going to Love my cottage from now on. I hope to blog about my "ugly duckling" and about the transformation into a "beautiful swan" of a cottage!
Take care!