Saturday, February 06, 2010

Bits of Pink Around the House

Once again I apologize for the poor quality photographs. I'm still waiting on that new digital camera. Despite, I hope you enjoy the bits of pink around my house.

This is my mom's Amy doll dressed in a sweet pink dress with white sheer apron.

Some of my collection of Victoria February Magazine back issues.

I couldn't pass up this pink tissue box! I'm just glad I had a coupon for it.

What belongs more in pink than a little girl? Here's my daughter dressed in a flannel nightgown I made her recently.

Pink flowers were a must for me. This winter has been so bleak with it's khakis and whites. The local grocery store had African Violets on sale. I wanted ones that were strictly pink, but all they had left were white ones, except for this lone one with pink ruffles around it's white center.

I browsed ebay looking for vintage pink linen toweling fabric, but I really didn't want to spend the money. I remembered that I had some pink linen stashed away. I dug it out and fashioned this kitchen towel with some embroidery floss I had on hand. All it cost me was time.

I put a button hole in one corner so the towel could hang on the hook quite easily.

My dress form wears a vintage 1950's Barbie-pink two piece double breasted satin suit. I LOVE this outfit, but it doesn't fit me. The hips are unbelievably narrow in the skirt. I simply can't bear to give it up, though. Some day I may copy a pattern off of it and reproduce one to fit me.

If you're sick of the pink already, I promise after Valentines Day I'll change it. :)


4littleladybugs said...

What a neat idea, your little spots of pink are cheerful. Love your violet.

Rhonda said...

I love the color "Pink" and could never tireof it!
I enjoyed your little spots of pink!