Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent: Day One

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This is what I did for Day One:

1. Woke up early and read Psalm 96 and prayed.
2. Exercised for half an hour.
3. Made smoothies for my kiddos for breakfast.
4. Colored and colored and colored with my children. We colored a LOT today!
5. Did some decluttering and tidying up along with some regular chores.
6. Read Psalm 96 to my children.
7. Prayed for those in need.
8. Wrote thank-you notes to two families who recently had us over for dinner.
9. Wrote to my state government to help a friend support a cause.
10. Went over finances and recreated a budget.

It may not seem like much, but my feet have really been dragging in all the areas listed. I hope that each day will show continual improvement.

My beloved husband got my an anniversary gift of a journal. He knows what a journal freak I am. Besides having two blogs, I have two journals; one for daily thoughts and one for sermon notes and prayer reminders. The journal he gave me is extra special to me because on the cover it says, "Love the Life You Live." That is a sentiment I needed to see in print! Let's just say it's been a long winter. I only wish I could use the journal now, but I already have two just started this new year. It's nice to know when I fill out at least one of them I'll have this one on stand-by.

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