Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday's Baby Thoughts

Sleeping in didn't go so well when I felt little feet press into my back and heard, "Mommy, it's morning. I'm hungry."

My husband and I are so excited about our baby boy joining our family in June or July! There were plenty of whoops for joy. You know, it's funny how special boys and girls are in their own unique ways. We can rejoice at the coming of a son. We can rejoice at the coming of a daughter. We can rejoice at the changing family dynamic, and altered roles (daughter will be a big sister!).

I'm looking forward to hauling those boxes of baby boy clothes out of storage, laundering them (they haven't been used in 4 years!), folding them neatly and placing them in their drawers. I'm looking forward to all the changes I'll have to do in the house to get it baby ready again.

Hubby's looking forward to having a tiny baby curl up on his chest again for a nap.

Our son is always asking about the baby. Our daughter is fairly clueless, but I have noticed her caring more for her baby doll.

Oh, so much to look forward to!

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