Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowed In

My son LOVES to shovel snow. I wish I got a picture of his oh-so-cute method of picking up chunks of snow and placing them in his little wheelbarrow and dumping them in a snowbank. This picture is from the first storm this week that dumped just over a foot. Yesterday we got another foot. But it's above freezing and rained most the night so we're back down to a slushy foot or so on the ground.
My father is becoming quite the expert bread baker! He gave me a small loaf of his artisan bread which made perfect baked french toast for breakfast. I lined the sides of the dish with sliced apple. It was sooooooooo tasty! And yes, I am not shy of butter. :)
My son's letter of the week is M so yesterday we made a construction paper Mailbox and a construction paper John Deere place Mat. He really liked writing out postcards on brown construction paper and placing them in the mailbox (via slits cut in the front).

Nothing like the beautiful artistry of nature and florals in the midsts of snow and mud! Go to my blog at to enter the giveaway to win this vintage photo album.

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