Saturday, February 27, 2010

Farm Show

We spent a great family day together going to the Farm Show today. The children loved sitting in all the machinery. My son loved the combines the best. My daughter loved the John Deere Gators and lawn tractors and the goats. I was hoping to find a booth about fungicides and tomato blight. Hubby looked at some horse trailers.

Eating fair food and walking so much did a number on my preggy legs, though. They're all swollen! Hubby was his usual loving and considerate self and kept making sure I was ok, and boy oh boy does he admire by belly!f

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Anonymous said...

What did you find out about the blight? I think I am okay with the tomatoes for this year but I'm wondering about the potatoes that I saved (and the ones that will volunteer). I'd just as soon not use a fungicide, if possible. Would switching garden spots be a solution?